Bobby Reed Endorses Charlie Hoots

I am proud to announce that former District 3 Supervisor Candidate Bobby Reed is endorsing me in the upcoming run-off election on August 27th.

Bobby and I have been friends for over 40 years and share a belief that District 3 should not be left behind as DeSoto County prospers.

Bobby had a lot of great ideas and raised a lot of concerns that I will work closely with him to achieve.

Letter To Voters Of District 3

I sincerely hope all is well with you and your family. I know that you have a lot going on but I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to read this message. 

Like most of you, I fear that DeSoto County can become more like Memphis. 

 As you probably know, DeSoto County Supervisor, Bill Russell is retiring at the end of this year.   This presents a great opportunity to bring a new perspective to the Board of Supervisors…..

I believe that I have “proven results” of my sincere commitment to Southaven neighborhoods and DeSoto County over the past four decades.

DeSoto County is certainly, one of the best places in Mississippi to live and call home. However, we know that our future may not be as bright as it once was. 

We cannot depend on our National or even State leaders to make sure that our future and our children’s future will have a solid foundation that is moral, safe and secure. I believe that we must take hold of the reigns and ensure these things on the local level. 

I am determined to work with our educators, ministers, political, business, and civic leaders to make surethat we do everything necessary to insure we are prepared for the many challenges that lay ahead.



Today, every segment of our society is declining and our churches and values are  under attack.

I will work closely with area ministers to protect and encourage the beliefs that are the foundation our Country was built on.


Keeping your family safe –  where you live and work and where your children go to school.

I will work closely with local law enforcement to insure they have the funding and man power they need to protect your family.


Keeping our Communities and Citizens safe.

We’ve been fortunate to keep most serious crime low, but we see the trends and fully  understand that we must be vigilant and tough on crime in order to keep it this way.

This is the reason I started Colonial Hills Neighborhood Watch and I will promote starting Neighborhood Watch programs in all areas of the County.  Neighborhood Watch works.


DeSoto County is blessed to have a great school system with four of the top ten schools in the state being located right here in Desoto County.  But we must work to keep our place!  As our society changes we must be ready to address the big issues – safety, crime, drugs and bullying – so that our teachers and students can focus on Education.

I will work with the Sheriff’s Office and School Board to make sure we have a School Resource Officer in every School to protect our children and get on top of these crimes. Stopping Bullying must be a priority – losing another life due to bullying is unacceptable!  And we must keep our outstanding teachers by providing appropriate compensation and resources.


Our seniors deserve opportunities and amenities that support their interests and needs as they progress into their retirement years.

I will support development designed to help make their lives enjoyable, healthier and productive. This includes Retirement Communities, nursing homes and other services to allow our Seniors to enjoy their years in the County they call home.  Families should not have to drive to a neighboring County to visit loved ones.


We are blessed to live in DeSoto County with low taxes, good roads and safe neighborhoods.

I have proven results that I will work to make sure that we do the things necessary to encourage growth in a controlled manner while keeping us safe, sound and secure!


I am asking you for your support.

Please vote Charlie Hoots Supervisor District 3 August 6th

Thank you and may God richly bless you all.

Charlie Hoots


Footprints In Motion

Marie and I had such a great time at the Campbell Clinic Foundation “Footprints In Motion” Benefit at The Fedex Event Center at Shelby Farms in Memphis…
I was honored to be invited to be a part of such a successful Mid-South Event that helps so many…

MDOT Striping Hwy 51

Striping project on Hwy 51 started today.
Its going to be nice to see the lanes again.
Thanks Hwy Commissioner Mike Tagert for
getting on this so fast. Your a true friend to the
residents of DeSoto County.

I spoke with him in February and he said he would get it done as soon as the weather broke.

He is a great  Transportation Commissioner and we are going to miss him as he is not running for re-election .




Neighborhood Watch Meeting

We had a great meeting Saturday, March 16th.
Special thanks to our friends at The Worship Center for hosting us.
If you didn’t make it, you missed some great information.
We are planning to be part of the county wide clean-up day-information coming soon.
Thanks State Rep Ashley Henley for being part of our meeting and neighborhood…
Neighborhood Watch works, We need everyone involved to keep our community safe.



Sky Cop Cameras

Sky Cop Cameras Coming to Brookhaven and Cherry Valley Parks.

We approved the purchase of live security cameras for two parks in Colonial Hills.

You may remember I started asking for these cameras over a year ago and now they are on the way.

These are a great deterrent in fighting crime and will be a good addition to the police department.

We need these all over the county.

Thanks Chief Steve Pirtle for your pro-active policing and forward thinking.



2018 Update…

I just wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to take care of you as your Alderman.

We have had a great year getting things done in our Ward and offer special thanks to the Mayor and Board for their support.

One of my biggest accomplishments I believe are all the improvements to Brookhaven Park.
It had been neglected for a long time and was really in need of help.

You really need to drive by and take a look at all these improvements,

With the support of Wes Brown Parks Director, Eleven trees have been added in the park next to the playground
equipment to provide shade while your children play.
We have replaced slides, repaired the swings and painted over the graffiti.
The lighting has been updated and more has been added to light up the park at night.
There is even a new sign out front that says Brookhaven Park open Sunrise to Sunset.

Improvements for Cherry Valley Park is on my list for this year…

We have had almost $600 thousand dollars worth of road repairs in our Ward alone in 2018 with that much or more planned for next

We have added speed limit signs and flashing lights on stop signs to help make our streets safer.

We have added signs for parents with special needs children to warn drivers of their presence in all parts of the neighborhoods.

We got the owner of the strip mall on 51 near Custer drive to paint and fix up his building to improve the look of Hwy 51.

We now have 2 code enforcement officers assigned to our neighborhoods to help “Clean Up” and we still have a way to go but this helps us maintain our property value.

And yes, once again, we did all this without having a tax increase.

I’m sure I forgot something but let’s make 2019 a great year in the neighborhood…